Online Dating – Helpful Hints

manThe internet has given us so many accesses to a lot of things, and that includes dating online. Before, dating online was a frowned upon act, but nowadays it’s one of the most common ways to meet and get to know someone. In fact, one research showed that dating online placed 2nd of how couples meet. According to statistics, almost 50 million Americans have tried dating online, so it’s guaranteed that there are plenty of fishes around. Not only it is easier, but you get a variety of choices of whom you’d like to date. So it seems like we have a win-win situation here.

Online Dating is a booming business as well; we have Tinder, Match, E-harmony, OkCupid and many more. In just one click or one swipe, we get access to thousands of people we could date. Several people who have tried online dating met their future wife/husband online. So who knows, the “right” one might be in there somewhere, waiting for us. Choosing the right platform for you is one step, so be sure to register on a dating site that is appropriate for your liking. The internet offers several dating sites and apps; there are dating sites even for strict conservative Christians.

Below, I’ll give you some tips how to date online.

  • Choose the BEST photo – as hard as it is to process, your face is actually the first thing people see, and they judge you right after that. In personal experience, people who smile and look great in their photo seem nice and approachable, hence making them date-able. Choosing your best photo does not have to be in a photo-shoot, where you look like a model, a genuine selfie or picture is enough to be a decent picture. In your photos, also, avoid putting group photos or putting photos with a man/woman. Chances are, they don’t have time to figure out who you are in the group photo, and some people might think that’s your girlfriend or boyfriend. And we all know becoming the third party is the last thing we need.
  • Talk to someone with similar interests – having the same interest is one of the most important factors in online dating. Why? Because this is one way to keep the conversations going. We all know that it real relationships do not work, if the two people involved don’t, at least, have the same interests. Are you an Adventurer, Jewish or Gay? There are online dating platforms designated for you.
  • Don’t put with typical messages – Hi, What’s up, Hey are one of the most common messages people drop in our inbox. Some people think that that’s the “casual” way to start talking to someone, but the truth is that’s one of the most typical messages people drop to other people. And it gets boring. One way to get recognized and get the conversation going is to show them you’re interested in their lives. Read their bio or look through their photos, did he/she said she likes skiing? Ask him/her about the skiing. It shows that you’re drawn into them, making you a lot likeable.
  • Honesty is the KEY – Whatever happens, never lie about yourself. Lying might bite you back sooner or later. According to online sites, most people lie about their age, weight and job. To avoid this cycle of dishonesty, do not join the bandwagon and start being honest. Personally, I like people who are honest about themselves; I don’t need someone to lure me with lies. Ugly truths are ugly but they are the truth, and nothing can top that. In online dating, the best key to finding someone is to be as authentic as you can be.
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Achieving Perfect Skin – Some Helpful Tips

Our skin is our largest organ that contains more than 19 million skin cells. So there’s no doubt it’s one of the most important parts of ourselves. Personally, I have never met a person who likes having flaws on their skin; it seems like everybody wants the perfect and healthier one. So even though caring for our skin seems overwhelming, everybody, at least, is try doing so.

One of our personal dilemmas is achieving that “perfect” skin. The world is full of skin care products that cater us to that goal. However, every skin is different; it would take you a lot of experimenting and testing before you find the right skin care product for you. But worry no more! Because you can still attain the perfect skin you want by doing in “naturally”. In this article, I’m going to provide you details and tips on how to achieve the perfect skin.

    • SLEEP – one of the cheapest and best ways to attain healthy skin is to give yourself plenty of rest. At least give yourself 7-8 hours of sleep. This is also a good way to get rid of acne and dark circles under our eyes. Sleeping is also one good way to stop thinking about our problems and stress, which results to a more glowing skin.
    • EXERCISE – Yes, I’m one of those people who will talk to you to get you exercising. Exercise not only helps us get rid of unwanted fats, it also boosts blood flow that can also help to improve skin conditions. The guide to perfect skin is to start inside, and exercise is a good way to clean and build a healthier body “inside”. So not only exercise is a good way to stay fit, it also helps to relieve some stress.
    • PROPER DIET – They say you are what you eat, so be the healthy one! Research shows that improper diet is one of the sources why people get imperfect and unhealthy skin. So one good way to achieve that perfect skin is to start eating right. Avoid plenty of fry foods especially from fast foods, mainly because these are processed food and not good in our body. Instead, start including vegetables and fruit in your everyday meal. It does not have to be sudden, but slowly familiarizing your body to these healthy foods is one good way to start. Note that this is not a suggestion to eat less, but an advice to start eating healthier products.
    • HYDRATE RIGHT – in other words, drink plenty of water! Dermatologists couldn’t emphasize this more. One good way to happy skin is the hydrated skin. At least, drink 8 glasses or 1.9 litres of water every day. If you get bored drinking water, you can drink other fluids as an alternative but avoid soft drinks and even coffee, instead drink fresh fruit juices.

  • DETOX – unhealthy skin mostly came from waste products that are inside our body. Detox is one way to “flush” all the bad toxins that we have collected ever since we ate unhealthy products. Usual Detox programs last for 30 days, to be fully effective. But if you don’t want to apply to such programs, drinking water with lemons is one of the easiest ways to detox.
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The Advantages Of Epilation Over Shaving

gadgetsThere is a seemingly endless supply of methods and gadgets to remove your unwanted hair. Each method has its unique advantages and disadvantages, making the best method of hair removal a personal preference. Two of the most common methods of hair removal are shaving and epilation. The following information can be used to help you decide which method might be the ideal hair removal method for your situation.

Shaving is the most recognizable and accessible method of hair removal. Both men and women shave various parts of their body, often regularly, without little regards for the consequences. In general, shaving makes your hair grow back thicker. This can make shaving counterproductive, especially on areas of your body where you never want to see hair.

Unless you are shaving a beard or mustache that you want to grow back, shaving is not the ideal solution. Shaving can become part of your daily routine because the hairs start becoming visible within a few days. If your hair grows back quickly, you may need to shave daily to keep the regrowth at bay.

Using an epilator requires more initial effort to remove your unwanted hair, but the long-term results are better than shaving. Since the hairs are removed from the follicle, they do not become visible as quickly. This leads to less need for frequent hair removal sessions. You may not need another epilator session for several weeks, depending on how quickly your hair naturally grows.

There is an added bonus to removing your hair at the root. With each epilator session, the hair becomes weaker. Over time, many of the hairs do not grow back.  The long-term use of epilators usually causes a decrease in unwanted hair.

You might be concerned about the pain of using epilators. Unless you have an underlying concern, such as extremely sensitive skin, the discomfort from the epilator is temporary. With repeated use, the discomfort will become less noticeable and may disappear entirely. Some of the top rated epilators out there are perfect for achieving this. Furthermore, since you will have less unwanted hair with repeated use, you will not need to use the epilator as often.

Epilators can seem awkward and inconvenient to use. However, they are significantly less messy and cumbersome than shaving. A good shaving session requires softening the hair to make it easier to remove.

shaveYou will likely use shaving cream to help the razor glide over your skin. There is also the risk of cuts and razor burn from shaving. Since there is the risk of abrasions from shaving, washing the skin with antibacterial soap before shaving is also ideal to avoid infection.

Epilators do not require the same preparation as shaving. You can incorporate lotions or other skin care after an epilator session, but it is not necessary. If you notice any bumps after an epilator session, they will disappear within one day, even without additional moisturizing. These bumps are not a serious problem because they are caused by mild irritation since the hair was removed from the follicle.

Epilators do not have sharp blades, so there is no risk of cutting your skin. By paying attention and following the directions for your device, you can avoid pinching your skin, which can be uncomfortable. During your epilator session, give the process your undivided attention to avoid any accidents. Paying attention will also help you move the epilator in the appropriate direction to achieve the best hair removal experience.

A high-quality epilator will be a significant upfront financial investment. However, the long-term costs may be lower when you consider the hair will stay away longer, and you may have less unwanted hair overall. A good, well-maintained machine will likely last indefinitely and is worth the initial investment.

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Most Common Mistakes in Online Dating

Most Common Mistakes in Online Dating

In the past, online dating was seen as something that was to be ashamed of, but nowadays, that couldn’t be further form the truth. As the whole world is shifting and moving online, so is the dating, and besides, this really is a great way to meet a nice person. However, some people are just not good at this, and make mistakes that are becoming more and more common. So, we are going to list them for you, and tell you what you can do to fix that, or to stop that from happening.

One of the most common mistakes out there when it comes to online dating is that people try hard to oversell themselves. That is why some of them are over decorating their online profiles. People should know that less is more, and that you ought to be remembered, but you shouldn’t reveal too much. So, keep it short, memorable, positive and joyful, and get a good vibe prom the other party. However, if you reveal too much, others might think you are too pushy, and would start to back away from you.

plus520x320-bannerAlso, when it comes to profiles, people tend to photoshop their pictures to such a degree, that they become virtually unrecognizable on them. And if you do that, what are you going to do when the time comes to meet the other person? Nothing, you’re going to make up some excuse, and let a great opportunity slip away from you. That is why it is always better to upload unedited photos of yourself. Make sure you pick the ones where you look best, but never doctor them!

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As we have said, over revealing is not an option, but the same goes for lying about yourself. Never present yourself as something that’s not true, because sooner or later, you will need to admit you were lying, and that is never a fun thing to do.

grammar-mistakes1Many people start badly when it comes to messaging. Never just say “Hey, wanna hook up?” This will give the impression of a lazy person who doesn’t want to work hard for something. Think of something funny or interesting to say, and then, after a short conversation, ask the other person to meet them.

Also, if you are messaging, make sure you spell words correctly and use only good grammar. No one likes people who don’t know how to write, because it gives off an impression of a dumb person.

When it comes to meeting the other person, suggest meeting them in a café or invite them for a walk. Do not be pushy. Take your time, and make a good game plan. Also when you do get on that date, try to be as interested in other person as possible. Ask them questions, but not the too personal ones. Also, it is extremely important not to talk about your exes, because that gives off an impression of a person who is still stuck in the past, and cannot escape it.

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Is dating without love possible?

Is dating without love possible?

Some people claim that love just doesn’t serve us any purpose, and have start asking themselves a question is it possible to date someone without having any love involved. The reason they have for this is the belief that they share that we, as a species, are only interested in sex due to the need for reproduction, and that it is the only thing our body requires out of a relationship, and that love is a trick of the mind.

So, their main question if it is possible to have a significant other with whom you’ll just have sex, without any love involved? Such a thing exists nowadays, but those are short relationships; the main question is if such a relationship could survive for the next 10 or 20 years. So, let’s see if that’s possible.

og3123201505152106318Some people claim that such a thing exists, and it occurs mostly due to the fact that some people are afraid of intimacy and have some commitment issues. The patterns of the two issues look similar, and some people might even point that the two issues are one and the same. However, can you really compare a loveless relationship to a relationship in which one partner is afraid of commitment? I don’t think so, so I believe that this issue is not the same as having a relationship without love.

love-so-this-is-loveOther people claim that if there is no love between the people who are in a relationship, than they would feel no sexual desire. That is exactly why they claim that a long loveless relationship would never work for them. They do claim that they have been in relationships that were virtually loveless, but those relationships never lasted a long time, but in the end, people will crave for some love, and if there is none, they will look for it in a different place.

There is also another bunch of people; a bunch of people who claim that there is never love at the beginning of a relationship, and that it happens much, much later. Okay, this is a standpoint that most people could agree on; but the second claim of these people is something on which some people agree on, while others do not. They also claim that if people are in a relationship and wait for love to come to them, they could see that no love is coming at all; but by that time, they’ve gotten so accustomed to each other, that they just don’t want to end that relationship, and want to stay together. But, a more serious question arises from this: is that “getting accustomed to each other” just another form of love?

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So, as we have seen, the question if a long loveless relationship is possible has more than one answer, and pretty much everyone on this planet will have a slightly different opinion of this that the next guy. But, this is normal, and everyone should find an answer to this question for himself, without worrying what the general consensus to it may be.

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Top French Beauty Products

Top French Beauty Products

When it comes to fashion and beauty products, no one can beat the French; they have been an the top of this game for centuries now. And no wonder they are: their language is called “the language of love”, their capital city is nicknamed “the City of Love”, and their women are considered to be the prettiest in the world. But, their beauty does not come on its own; the French women work on it a lot, and are trying hard to stay beautiful. And, when you have products like these by your side, that does not seem to be that difficult.

First, lets start with skin hydrators. Experts in this claim that the best product for skin hydrating is “Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beauté”, that needs to be sprayed on the skin twice a day, and the skin will remain nice and soft to touch.
When it comes to a product that makes a woman look nice and be happy at the same time, nothing comes in comparison with “Caudalie Beauty Elixir”. It is rosemary scented and can be applied any time of the day. It instantly lifts up the mood and improves your skin, which is something all women ask for.

Avéne-XeraCalmIf lapid-replenishing creams are the question, than the answer must be “Avène XeraCalm A.D.”, because most women and beauty experts find it to be at the very top of the beauty industry. This product is rather buttery, but it is not greasy in any way, and it provides a soothnes for the dry skin, to the skin that has trouble with eczema, etc. Also, this product does not have a smell, which means that it will not outshine your new perfume in any way. Well now, that sounds like a great deal!

Eye contour masks are really important for many women, and if you are streaming for one, why not stream for the top French eye contour mask available, which is “Sisley Paris”. This eye contour mask is great, because it can be added to the tops of the cheekbones, near the hairline, as well as the brow bone, and you can do that all just before sleep. In the morning, when you wake up, you will hardly look tired, and that is a great quality to have.

christian-dior-dior-show-new-lookBlackout mascaras are a favorite thing for some women, because they make lashes look extremely dark and thick as well. It this is something you are in to, then “Dior Diorshow Blackout Mascara” is the perfect product for you, because it even makes the extensions look foolish compared to it, according to the beauty experts.

Many women are facing challenger with the removal of their make up. However, if you wish to forget all about the troubles concerning this, than start using “Bioderma Sensibio H20 Make-up Removing Micelle Solution”. This product is used by all the major fashion houses in the world, and no wonder it is; it is the best product of this kind.

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Beautyblender – a guide on how to use it

Beautyblender – a guide on how to use it

Every now and then a product appears that revolutionizes and transforms how we do something. And when it comes to beauty and fashion it’s no different. Beautyblender has in that sense changed how we apply makeup. It is a small sponge shaped like an egg and its purpose is for applying foundation. Its developer and innovator was Rea Ann, a makeup artists from Hollywood, who felt the need to help women at home get the professional makeup look, just like the Hollywood stars works with.

You might think there’s too much fuss about such a small, almost meaningless thing – but you’d be wrong. Even the biggest skeptics agree on its usefulness, claiming that it gave them flawless and amazing finish, and that it can be used for different things. There are also fakes and knock offs that you can find, but none of them can provide such great coverage as the original one.

Since it is so great for applying makeup, you should also know how to use it properly. Read this tutorial on how to use Beautyblender for applying concealer, foundation and powder for maximum coverage-

perfect-face-with-the-beauty-blenderYou might ask yourself what is so special about this sponge. What makes it better than the rest? First of all, the sponge is designed to be wet before you use it, and this hydrates your skin. Secondly, it’s very soft surface and gentle on touch, so it’s perfect if you have sensitive skin. Other sponges with more abrasive surface tend to cause inflammation and irritate your skin. And finally, unlike a buffing brush, the Beautyblender won’t accent peach fuzz and uneven textures on your face.

The way to use Beautyblender is very simple and easy.

First you wet the beautyblender, and then squeeze the excess moisture. The goal is to have somewhat damp sponge when you use it. It shouldn’t be soaking wet.

Next you squeeze the foundation on a flat surface, or on your hand and use the Beautyblender, dipping the rounded end of the sponge into the foundation.

Take note that you aren’t supposed to spread the foundation with one ongoing movement. You should only use dabbing and bouncing motions with the sponge to apply it on your face. Also, you don’t need to press the sponge too hard, because that way you might wipe most of the foundation off.

With your finger apply the concealer on the dark circles. Then take the pointy end of the sponge and use it to apply the concealer, with the same motions. The concealer will blend with your foundation.

After that, use the rounded end again and dip it into a powder clear setting powder and apply to the skin, again using the patting motion.

washAfter you’re done applying your makeup, should clean the Beautyblender. Do this every time, and it will last longer. You can use liquid or solid cleansers.

It might not seem like a big deal, but if you want your makeup to look like that of famous movie stars, professional and flawless, than you don’t want to miss out on this little gadget. It will make your makeup process a lot easier, and you’ll end up with better results.

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